Week ahead: 9 states come into session: VA considers interim appointment of judges & mandatory retirement

Coming into session
Arizona 1/14/13
Arkansas 1/14/13
Georgia 1/14/13
Iowa 1/14/13
Kansas 1/14/13
Washington 1/14/13
Alaska 1/15/13
New Mexico 1/15/13
Hawaii 1/16/13

January 14

Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee

SB 693   Prohibits Circuit Court from interim appointing to District Court any person who is the subject of a special and continuing order and under the order such person failed in the House of Delegates or the Senate to receive a majority vote of the members elected to the respective house of the General Assembly.

SB 753   Requires the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court to establish and require magistrates be available for performing certain duties related to issuing temporary detention orders (currently chief judge of each district court responsible).

SB 762   Increases mandatory judicial retirement age from 70 to 73.

SB 825   Requires the Supreme Court to make available to the courts databases containing land records for use by the courts in indigency determinations.

January 15
January 16
January 17
January 18

Montana House Judiciary Committee

HB 172 Allows Montana state bar attorney member to serve as a judge pro tem.