South Carolina Year in Review: Paying for court tech with a veto override, Judicial Council membership

New laws affecting the courts enacted by the South Carolina legislature in 2012 include the following:

HB 4798 Removes provisions allowing mayors to sit and serve as judges of municipal courts.

HB 4821 Provides for fees and costs to be set for filing court documents by electronic means from an integrated electronic filing (e-filing) system owned and operated by the South Carolina Judicial Department in an amount set by the Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court. Provides all fees must be remitted to the South Carolina Judicial Department to be dedicated to the support of court technology. (Veto overridden, see details here)

SB 1055 Revises Judicial Council to include Chief Judge of Court of Appeals, person recommended by the Charleston School of Law, one person recommended by the South Carolina Bar (rather than the President of the Bar, and two summary court (rather than magistrate court) judges.