New Mexico Year in Review

None of the bills tracked by Gavel to Gavel in New Mexico in 2012 were enacted.

HB 72 was vetoed. It provided that certain amounts of the civil docket and jury fees be deposited into the General Fund and that contributions to judicial and magistrate retirement be provided from the General Fund. It would have increased contributions to judicial and magistrate retirement funds. It also would have struck existing law that defines “judicial retirement fund” as including “docket and jury fees of metropolitan courts, district courts, the court of appeals and the supreme court.”

One resolution was, however, adopted:

HM 61 Requests administrative office of the courts study and identify actions, to include resources needed, to support a request that the New Mexico supreme court appoint a special auditor to conduct a census of open guardianship and conservator proceedings, by district, throughout the state and grant the special auditor access to the probate court case management system, or to case files if required information is not available through an automated or electronic system, in each district.