New Jersey Year in Review: Mandatory drug courts, funding court technology vetoed

One bill affecting the courts approved by the New Jersey legislature subsequently vetoed by the governor in 2012 was AB 763, which would have allowed the Supreme Court to adopt Rules of Court to revise or supplement filing fees and other statutory fees payable to the court for the sole purpose of funding: (1) the development, maintenance, and administration of a “Statewide digital e-court information system,” that incorporates electronic filing, service of process, document and case management, financial management, and public access to digital court records (details here).

New laws affecting the courts enacted by the New Jersey legislature in 2012 include the following:

SB 881 Modifies admission criteria for drug courts in order to permit additional offenders to be diverted into the program. Establishes a two-year pilot program, to be operated in two New Jersey Superior Court vicinages, that will mandate that “drug court program sentences be ordered for each person subject to criminal sentencing who meets the modified admission criteria. The pilot program requires the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to assess the feasibility of expanding this mandated drug court sentencing Statewide.