Mississippi Year in Review: judicial salary increases paid for with extra court fees

New laws affecting the courts enacted by the Mississippi legislature in 2012 include the following:

HB 484 Increases judicial salaries. Pay for salaries via a) increase to filings of appeals from $100 to $200 b) a special $40 fee on a civil case filings and c) special $75 fee on criminal convictions. Specifically includes in responsibilities of chief justice supporting and implementing electronic filing systems for the courts and drug courts. Specifically includes in responsibilities of judges of the court of appeals service as special trial judges because of a statewide increase in litigation and insufficient resources to fully fund trial judge positions, and performing additional judicial services after usual state business hours to reduce delays, backlogs and inefficiencies to comply with time standards adopted by and for the appellate and trial courts, and promoting public awareness of our judicial processes and openness and accessibility of our courts by being available to conduct programs and give speeches to civic, educational, governmental and religious organizations and entities. Specifically includes in responsibilities of circuit judges all necessary action to develop drug courts within their districts and to regularly report to the Administrative Office of Courts on the success of their drug court programs. The chancery and circuit court judges will take such action as is necessary to implement electronic filing and case management systems within their districts as developed by the Administrative Office of Courts as such systems become available and will take all necessary action to prepare their courts for electronic filing and case management.