Kentucky legislator introduces bill to have ABA review state’s Judicial Retirement and Removal Commission

Kentucky’s Judicial Retirement and Removal Commission, and in particular its funding, is the focus of HB 61 of 2013 prefiled last week. Under the bill the Administrative Office of the Courts would have to separate the Commission’s budge request and would make the Commission’s executive secretary responsible for expenditures.

Perhaps even more intriguing is a provision asking the American Bar Association perform a study of the commission:

Toward the goal of increasing the efficiency of state government, the General Assembly hereby requests that the American Bar Association (ABA) evaluate the operation of the Judicial Retirement and Removal Commission, including its structure, rules, procedures, and its fiscal policies, including its contracting procedures. If the ABA conducts the evaluation requested, it shall forward its recommendations to the Kentucky Supreme Court and to the General Assembly for use in developing an efficient and fair manner of funding and oversight.

The Kentucky legislature comes back into session January 8.