Louisiana Legislative Year in Review: false liens on judges, small claims limits, veterans courts

New laws and resolutions affecting the courts enacted or adopted by the Louisiana legislature in 2012 include the following:

HB 41 Alters various provisions related to federal tax qualification status of the Clerks of Court Retirement and Relief Fund.

HB 325 Increases the special cost assessed in criminal cases in each judicial district court for the district indigent defender fund.

HB 592 Adds authority for judges of judicial district to create a section or division for misdemeanors and traffic offenses.

HB 616 Creates the crime of filing a false lien against a court or law enforcement officer.

HB 763 Authorizes clerks of court to destroy records if authorized by the state archivist.

HB 777 Changes the jurisdictional amount in dispute in a small claims division of city court from $3,000 to $5,000.

HB 1010  Authorizes court of appeal and district court judges to purchase furniture and equipment upon termination of office and provides for the disposition of the sale proceeds.

HCR 105 Requests state Dept. of Veterans Affairs to conduct a study of Veterans Treatment Courts and the feasibility of creating and implementing such courts in the state of Louisiana.

HCR 124 Requests the Innocence Project New Orleans to apply to the Judicial Council for an additional court cost to fund the Innocence Compensation Fund

HCR 134 Requests the La. State Law Institute to study procedures relative to the abandonment of civil actions

HCR 81 Requests the Louisiana State Law Institute study and make recommendations for legislation relative to expedited jury trial.

SCR 93 Requests the Integrated Criminal Justice Information System Policy Board to meet and facilitate in the development of an integrated criminal justice information system.

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