Kentucky Legislative Year in Review: judicial retirement/pensions, redistricting appellate courts

New laws affecting the courts enacted by the Kentucky legislature in 2012 include the following:

HB 1 Redistricts state supreme court & court of appeals.

HB 54 Adds judges to the list of persons to be notified upon the release or escape of an involuntary committed person.

HB 171 Permits retired Commonwealths or county attorney and retired assistant Commonwealths or county attorneys to carry a concealed deadly weapon statewide, including into courthouses.

HB 300 Requires that an audit of the Judicial Form Retirement System shall be performed by the Auditor of Public Accounts at least once every five years. Requires the governing board and investment committee for the Judicial Retirement Plan establish ethics policies and procedures. Establishes term limits for members and chairs of the Board of Trustees of the Judicial Retirement System. Requires the Judicial Form Retirement System to make available on a public website all system expenditures, except protected individual retirement-specific records of members/retirees of the Judicial Retirement Plan;  establish conflict of interest provisions for System trustees and employees; and mandate that no funds of the Judicial Retirement Plan shall be used to pay unregulated placement agents.

HCR 162 Establish the Kentucky Public Pensions Task Force to examine all state pensions, including Judicial Retirement Plan.