California Legislative Year in Review: veterans courts & e-courts

One bill affecting the courts approved by the California legislature subsequently vetoed by the governor in 2012 was AB 2611  which would have authorized superior courts to develop and implement veterans treatment courts for eligible veterans of the United States military (details here).

New laws affecting the courts enacted by the California legislature in 2012 include the following:

AB 1529 Modifies provisions of law to reflect trial court restructuring. Deletes obsolete references to municipal courts and would specify the jurisdiction of a writ petition relating to a small claims case in the unified state court system.

AB 2073 ORIGINAL: Authorizes a trial court, by order and at the discretion of the presiding judge, to require parties to eligible civil actions, as specified, to electronically file and serve documents, subject to rules adopted by the Judicial Council and other specified conditions. AS AMENDED: Same, but limited to pilot project in Orange County.