Arizona Legislative Year in Review: small claims, homeless courts, audits of state’s AOC

One bill affecting the courts approved by the Arizona legislature subsequently vetoed by the governor in 2012 was SB 1310, which would have increased small claims jurisdiction from $2,500 to $10,000 (details here).

New laws affecting the courts enacted by the Arizona legislature in 2012 include the following:

HB 2283 Specifies that for state benefits purposes, “state employee” includes only those employed by the judicial branch whose salaries are paid for by the state.

HB 2376 Permits the payment of court fees by alternative methods and permits the court to impose a convenience fee when accepting alternative payment methods.

HB 2449 Amends existing statute regarding performance audits of state administrative office of the courts to require, after audit, House and Senate Judiciary Committees meet jointly and conduct hearing on audit.

SB 1152 Establishes a homeless court and homeless court jurisdiction.

SB 1365 Prevents the government from denying a person an appointment to public office or a position on a board, commission or committee based on the persons exercise of religion. Defines government as all courts and administrative bodies or entities under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Supreme Court.