Welcome to the new, improved Gavel to Gavel! New website, new features, same great content.

Some readers may have noticed in the last two issues some changes to Gavel to Gavel. After months of redevelopment, I am happy to announce the release of the new, improved Gavel to Gavel homepage at:


Readers now have a single source for all Gavel to Gavel products, including an expanded social media presence on Twitter, YouTube, and our new Facebook page.

Some of the new and newly revised features:

  1. E-publication: Issues now available as html, not pdfs. All bills cited or listed have links to the bills (where available) directly embedded.
  2. Database: New interface allows for faster and easier bill searching.
  3. Blog: The database is also fully integrated into the blog (look for the “database” tab).
  4. YouTube: More videos from committee/floor hearings on major pieces of legislation affecting the courts.
  5. Twitter: We’ve reached out 400th follower! Won’t you become #401?
  6. Facebook: All blog and Twitter posts will be cross-posted here. Come “Like” us now!
  7. Subscriptions: Sign up or unsubscribe from Gavel to Gaveland all NCSC e-newsletters in one spot.

Additionally I expect to try a first of its kind live-chat for Gavel to Gavel readers to give a mid-session update sometime in early March. Stay tuned.

Questions, comments about the changes, or suggestions are really appreciated at wraftery@ncsc.org or by responding to this email.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Bill Raftery

Editor, Gavel to Gavel

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  1. Congratulations for the new, much improved, Gavel to Gavel. Keep on going with this extraordinary newsletter. This effort by the NCSC is beneficial not only to judges and attorneys but for all citizens and general public. Thanks.

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