Oregon House and Senate Judiciary Committees meeting this week, will examine NICS compliance

November 17th, 2011 by Bill Raftery Leave a reply »

Oregon’s Interim committees are in full swing this week. Yesterday, it was the Senate Judiciary Committee. Today, it is the House Judiciary Committee. Both panels hear reports on:

  • Work Group Report: Sex Offender Registration – Improving Oregon’s Classification of Sex Offenders
  • Work Group Report: Expunction
  • Report on HB 2792: Relating to the State of Oregon’s compliance with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System
  • Work Group Report: Reciprocity
  • “Sexting” and displaying sexually explicit material of minors
  • Enforcing the ban on the sale of tobacco to minors
  • Discussion on SB 878: Do persons checking identification at the door for nightclubs, taverns or bars need to be certified by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

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