Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Maine Judiciary Committees hold interim meetings next week

On September 20, the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee will meet to receive the report of the Joint State Government Commission’s Advisory Committee on Wrongful Convictions and to consider SB 733 (responsibility of parents and guardians and for pretrial diversion program), SB 883 (consolidating provisions on administrative procedure and rulemaking), and SB 1167 (providing for modification of existing orders and for child custody proceeding during military deployment and providing for assignment of custody rights during military deployment and expedited or electronic hearing).

The Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee will meet jointly with the House Judiciary Committee September 22. The original posting of their agenda indicated they would be meeting separately on September 21. On the new agenda*:

  • HB 3241 Funeral protests, excluding those protesting from streets and sidewalks adjacent to or near a military funeral.
    Requiring a parent or legal guardian to report the death of a child to law enforcement. Making the failure to do so a felony. Requiring a parent or legal guardian to report to law enforcement a missing child. Making it a crime to fail to do so.
  • Review of the relationship between the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) and the counties concerning supervision of youth after release from an OYA facility.
  • Review of the Oregon State Bar’s policy in addressing complaints against attorney’s for failure to adequately represent clients based on the clients’ race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, or gender preference. Update on the 1992 Oregon Supreme Court’s Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Issues in the Judicial System relating to the Bar.

Also on the 22nd, the Maine Joint Judiciary Committee meets to consider various judicial nominations as well as nominees to boards and commissions.

*Updated 9/19/11 @ 2:30 PM to reflect updated Oregon Senate Judiciary agenda and that the 9/22 meeting is a joint one.