U.S. Virgin Islands bill requests would cut judiciary budget 5%, change judicial salaries

The Legislature of the [U.S.] Virgin Islands has exercised the legislative power under the 1954 Constitution and functioned as a unicameral body during that time. The 15 senators have, in 2011, introduced several bill requests affecting the courts, including:

BR 11-0117 Increases the amount of insurance provided to Superior Court Judges from $15,000 to at least $100,000.

BR 11-0663 Amends the FY 2011 appropriation to the Supreme Court, Superior Court and the Judicial Council – To reduce by 5% (five) the FY 2011 appropriation for all divisions of the Judicial Branch of Government.

BR 11-0240 Establishes the Joint Committee of Judicial Administration. Alters and changes powers of Supreme Court.

BR 11-0386 Alters Selection of the Presiding Judges. Establishes a procedure for determining and linking judicial salaries to those of U.S. District Court judges. Establishes time limits for the appointment and confirmation of judges and justices provide for Territorial Court Administrator and Mashalls etc.

BR 11-0939 Includes “probation officers” of the Superior Court of the VI as peace officers with all rights associated there in.