Puerto Rico: Bill would require drug testing of all judicial nominees

Puerto Rico’s Legislative Assembly (Asamblea Legislativa de Puerto Rico)  has contended with many of the same issues as their counterpart legislatures in states. One bill in particular, however, stands out. PC 3215 requires all individuals nominated for a judicial office submit a hair sample for drug testing. The bill’s explanatory statement cites to a similar 1997 law in place that requires drug testing for public sector employees and directs the legislative and judicial branches to create similar procedures for their employees. PC 3125 is pending in the House Judiciary and Ethics Committee.

Additional bills currently pending include:

PC = Proyectos Camara = House Bill

PS = Proyectos Senado = Senate Bill

PC 3189 Requires mandatory judicial education for judges of the Court of First Instance and Court of Appeals include instruction in public security, and changes in policies and procedures related to the Penal Law, Law of Arms, Law of Explosives, Law of Controlled Substances, Law for the Prevention of and Intervention in Domestic Violence and the Vehicle Law. In House Judiciary and Ethics Committee.

PC 3355  Requires mandatory judicial education system include training sessions every two years on issues of abuse and child protection and changes in policies and procedures related to the “Law to Ensure the Future and Puerto Rican Child Protection.” In House Families and Communities Committee.

PC 3398 Creates medical malpractice specialized courts as special divisions of the Court of First Instance in all 13 judicial regions. Requires Chief Justice assign to these courts judges with education in the area of medical malpractice. In House Judiciary and Ethics Committee.

PS 2093 Directs Supreme Court to establish “Salas Especializadas para Sumariados” (Special Summary Courts) inside correctional facilities to help speedily  determine matters related probable cause for arrest, preliminary view, bail amount and conditions, and arraignment.