West Virginia Interim Joint Standing Committee on the Judiciary meets; will look at public financing of judicial elections and succession for elected officials

The West Virginia Legislature’s July interim meetings are being held this week, including the Joint Standing Committee on the Judiciary and at least two subcommittees (A and C, there is no online agenda for subcommittee B as of this writing). Update 7/12: subcommittee B is meeting, see below.

Subcommittee A will look at prison overcrowding, including a discussion of overcrowding by a panel of Circuit Judges and Prosecutors, plus the West Virginia correctional population forecast, 2010-2020.

Subcommittee B will look at federal requirements for municipal wastewater treatment systems.

Subcommittee C will look at the state’s rule making process as well as an overview of the state’s succession laws for elected officials, including a discussion of identified problems in the existing laws.

The full committee will receive a staff review of the recent U.S. Supreme Court case relating to public financing of elections, Arizona Free Enterprise Club v. Bennett. West Virginia in 2010 created a pilot public financing system for the 2012 Supreme Court of Appeal races (HB 4130 of 2010) that may or may not be impacted by the case(s).