Kentucky and Montana Interim Committees on Judiciary to meet

The Kentucky Legislature’s Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary is set to meet this Friday, June 3. On the committee’s agenda: Problems relating to jailing of status offenders in Kentucky and other juvenile law matters.

The Montana Interim Law and Justice Committee has yet to set a meeting date but has been assigned the topic of Restorative Justice. Per SJR 29 of 2011 the committee will:

(1) analyze restorative justice programs in Montana and determine which programs are most effective at rehabilitating offenders and identify any weaknesses or gaps in Montana’s programs;
(2) investigate restorative justice options implemented in other states and nations and identify programs that emphasize restitution and the rehabilitation of nonviolent offenders as an alternative to incarceration;
(3) gather information from national experts and explore methods of measuring the effectiveness of restorative justice programs in terms of reducing recidivism and return rates of offenders, decreasing the potential for future victimization of Montana citizens, and reducing general fund expenditures related to incarceration;
(4) develop recommendations on which programs in Montana should be retained and how restorative justice programs in Montana may be improved.

The Restorative Justice review must be completed by September 15, 2012.