On 242-105 vote, New Hampshire House votes to investigate impeaching Marital Master Phillip Cross “and/or any justice of the New Hampshire Superior Court”

I mentioned in the last several weeks the efforts over the course of the last several years to remove New Hampshire judges and marital masters, either by bill of address or impeachment, for their decisions (see here and here).

The latest such effort, HR 7, while specifying by name Marital Master Phillip Cross also allows the House Judiciary Committee to investigate “Cross and/or any justice of the New Hampshire superior court.” Testimony given in the House Judiciary Committee hearings by Judge Edwin W. Kelly, the Administrative Judge in charge of the Family Division, indicated that the sole basis for the investigation was for decisions Cross made in contentious divorce and custody cases.

The House today voted on a 242-105 vote to in fact direct the House Judiciary Committee to conduct such an investigation of the martial master and/or justices and “report to the house of representatives such resolutions, articles of impeachment, or other recommendations as it deems proper.”