Pennsylvania’s House considers impeaching Court of Common Pleas Judge Willis W. Berry, Jr.

Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas Judge Willis W. Berry, Jr.  has served in that office in 1996 and had, prior too taking office, purchased over a dozen properties in Philadelphia. The properties were in poor condition and the judge cited over 70 times. According to the state’s Court of Judicial Discipline, Judge Berry made use of his office and judicial secretary for a decade to “assist him in the day-to-day operations concerning his properties.” The Court of Judicial Discipline suspended him for four months without pay and he was encouraged to resign by the Philadelphia Bar. Instead, Berry returned to work on January 4.

HR 603 appoints a sub-committee of the House Judiciary Committee to investigate Judge Berry’s actions and determine whether they rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania’s House considers impeaching Court of Common Pleas Judge Willis W. Berry, Jr.”

  1. Impeach him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is criminal judgeship! He had made many errors in his court room and wrongfully convicting many folks ruining their lives!

  2. judge willis berry need to be impeached he has corrupted a case for a friend of his family in 2001 and i have proof

  3. A true POS he sentenced a Philadelphia Police Officer 3 to 6 months in jail for a misdemeanor the Officer had no priors & helped out with the community, I went to the trial the Judge allowed the ADA to use so many things that wasn’t allowed to be used, & he was asleep on the stand during the trial, he showed he was anti cop & probably racist, even over heard him say the officer was guilty b4 the officers lawyer even started his defense. It was not “fair” trial for that officer at all. This City is corrupted enough we dont need more unfair corrupt judges or POS’s like him taking the stand !

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