Judicial Removal Week: Marital Master Michael Garner (NH)

Three separate efforts to remove New Hampshire judges and judicial officers via bills of address are currently pending in that state. A bill of address requires only a simple majority of both the House and Senate and need not specify any “bribery, corruption, malpractice or maladministration, in office” as in the case of an impeachment. “The governor with consent of the council may remove any commissioned officer for reasonable cause upon the address of both houses of the legislature,..

The first such effort (HA 1) is against marital master Michael Garner. Garner, according to the bill of address, “recommended to the presiding justice an order removing a child from an educational setting on the basis of religious prejudice.” The case surrounds a divorce case and a child, identified only as “Amanda,” who was being home schooled by her mother, while her father wanted the child placed in public school. According to media reports, Garner evaluated the home schooling situation. On July 13, 2009, he issued his recommendation, stating “The Court is extremely reluctant to impose on parents a decision about a child’s education” but ultimately deciding, based on the testimony of the parents and a Guardian Ad Litem, that it was in “Amanda’s best interests to attend public school.” The story made national headlines and was, as of November 2009, on appeal to that state’s Supreme Court.

5 thoughts on “Judicial Removal Week: Marital Master Michael Garner (NH)”

  1. The only “crime” these judges/marital masters committed was ruling against a father/man. These are nothing more than typical “mad dads” who hate when women have the courage to stand up to them.

  2. If a child can be home schooled well then have at it if parent is qualified to teach. Master Garner had dad removed from home. Father has MS, just got out of major back surgery, got beat up by wife as a part of police record and is now on the street while mom lives in 3500 sq. foot home with lake views and has another place to live. Oh dad may get sick and die with a $600,000 life policy

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